Sunday, August 2, 2009

Utah vacation

Not to long ago we (our family) went on vacation to Utah. We went to visit my family on my mom's side. we visited Seth and Stephine's house on the way. we spent the night there and then early in the morning we left. we went through the great plains. That took a long time. when we got there we went to these filthy rich people's house. We had dinner there. Then we went to our grandma and grandpa's house, and we played Xbox. Another fun thing I did was climb mount Timpanogos with my dad, Stuart, and my cousin Sam. In our first five minutes of the hike we saw a bull moose ten feet away from us! We didn't wait for long because we didn't want to get slaughtered by it. We also had to climb a cliff because we lost the trail. Then we got to a meadow, and we started climbing on the snow (I didn't like that because I was so cold), but we had to turn back because my dad didn't want anyone to slip, slide of the cliff, and die. Stuart was going to give me 5 dollars if I made it to the top, but because we had to turn back he gave me only 3 dollars. We went to our other cousins, Hannah and Karter's house. We had dinner there and then we played a little bit and watched Ice Age the Melt Down. Then we went home. We went to the Ohquirr Mountain temple open house and then we went to temple square and watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was really good. And we went to a restaurant place and had pie. We went to the top of a really, really tall building and looked down (I was a little nervous.) we went to park city and went down an alpine slide for my cousin cade's b-day. On the last day everybody came to our grandma and grandpa's house. Hannah, Karter, and their kids came too. They brought glow-sticks and we had a light-saber fight in the tent. Then we said good-bye to everybody. We woke up the next morning and had breakfast. Then we left.

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