Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chloe's birthday

On Sept.19 it was Chloe's birthday. we went to green bay ( our aunt and uncle lives there.) When we got there our cousin Olivia came out with a gift. It had a pack of fruit snacks, candy and a neckles. My cousin Brooklen plays the flute. I heard that also. Chloe, Olivia and Eliza went to McDonald's for lunch. The rest of the time we played computer and XBox. The game was Mario Super Star. Then we had to clean up because my mom was bringing back chocolate donuts and candy corn. We slept over there and then went to church.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camping Fun

Three days ago we went to Peninsula State Park. We camped there. Every day we went swimming. One day we even went twice. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. We made s'mores too. The s'mores were good. My favorite part is the chocolate. The first day we set up camp and went swimming and went on a walk. The first night we played Ticket To Ride in the tent of spiders. We called it the tent of spiders because there were a lot of spiders in it and Connor is afraid of spiders. It was a tent that we put our picnic table in. Ticket To Ride is a fun game. After the tent of spiders we went to bed and I felt like there were spiders of my face. We went on a walk and we skipped rocks the next day. I'm not good at skipping rocks, but it is still fun. Then we went to the tent and got dressed to go swimming. The water is not that cold. Connor collected big rocks and put them in a pile in the water. Sometimes we would swim out to the bouys, the bouys are where the swimming area stops. We tried to sink the bouys, but the bouys would not sink that far. Then we swam back. Sometimes we dug holes and made sandcastles. One time we made a waterfall. We started digging by the loose sand. We dug a tunnel thing and we made divisions and stuff and at the end we dug a big hole and put water in it at the top and we'd watch the water go down the waterfall to the bottom.It was fun watching it. We went back to the campsite and had dinner. The dinner was spaghetti. We had a campfire and told stories in the tent. Then we came back out and told stories by the campfire. The next day we went to the beach and did what we wanted to do. Then we went to the campsite and had lunch and took down the tent and cleared it all out. Then we went back to the beach and did what ever we wanted. Then we left the campgroud and we went to a custard atore called Not Licked Yet and got some custard. The flavor the of the day was White Chocolate Cherry. Cherries are my favorite fruit and white chocolate is my favorite chocolate so this flavor is pretty much my favorite flavor. Then we went to the Thorntons and had dinner there and then we went home.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shanty day\uncle paul's birthday

Two night's ago we went to green bay for my Uncle Paul's birthday. First we went to Bay Beach and went on rides. It was fun. Then we went to eat pizza at their house. We had soda and pizza. It was at night and went in their pool. It wasn't cold it was actually warm. We made a big whirl pool. There were lots of waves. Sometimes we went up on the stairs and dove off. It was really fun. All of our cousins came. Some of our cousins came home with us. They slept over with us to watch the Shanty Day parade in front of our house. I didn't get very much candy but it was still really, really fun. My sister Chloe still has some candy. I had some of hers today. There was this big scary dude. It was really tall. He went up to people but not everybody. He went up to me. It was pretty scary. Then my cousins family came over and we went to the beach. I met these people at the beach. Their names were Tate, Ty and Taylor. They went to the park with us and played football. They ate with us too and after we had rootbeer floats. Then they left.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today we went to the movie theater we watched Monsters vs. Aliens. It was funny. After that we went to McDonald's. Sadie, Connor, Lydia and Chloe had vanilla. My mom and I had raspberry mango and it was really good. Stuart had some fries.
On the way home we tried to get Sadie to smile but she wouldn't budge. We got a new game called Ticket To Ride. It is a fun game. After we got home Lydia, my mom and I played. I lost. But it was still fun. Lydia took second place and my mom took first place. Uncle Cory came over and brought my bike to me and he fixed it. He bought us snicker's drumsticks and they were really good.