Saturday, May 16, 2009

no name

Today I don't really have a subject so I'm just going to write something ordinary OK OK. Um mm oh yea I don't want to get a hair cut so every time my mom says I'm going to get a haircut, I always get out of it somehow. Now that I like!
Today my mom said that I'm going to get a haircut, I just talk back and say no. And I'm suppose to be getting a haircut right now but I'm writing on my blog instead well toodle-loose!


  1. Oliver, you are silly! Where did you find this picture? i think you should listen to your mom and get your hair cut, you always look so handsome after she is done.

  2. OLIVER!!!! ((((Speaking loudly))))
    You can not escape me any longer!!! You are getting a haircut today~ you little stinker!